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Marcus is really one of a kind. He is very bright, courageous, positive, analytical and has a huge drive. He easily adapts to any situation and his ability to network with pretty much anyone also makes him a social genius. I have had the pleasure of managing Marcus both as intern and ambassador at Spotify and I am very satisfied with his work. He takes ownership of his tasks, spreads positive energy and constantly over-delivers which makes him a very trustworthy and appreciated team member. 


Sofia von Celsing

was People Operations Specialist at Spotify. March 3, 2014, Sofia managed Marcus directly.

Existing recommendations are clear – Marcus leaves nobody in his environment untouched. Many testify to his extraordinary passion, creativity and entrepreneurship, something I can really confirm. But after seeing Marcus phenomenal ability to engage everyone from children to influential politicians it is, after all, his strong ideological and selfless platform that impresses the most. You do not see a trace of the usual drivers like power, honor or wealth, but rather only that which all leaders trying to claim – getting their environment to grow. Marcus tools now happens to be coding but it could actually be anything that strengthens people’s self-esteem and releasing the power to change and promote development. Marcus will affect many people in the coming years, and it is fortunate for our society.


Tommy Fabricius

was Manager of Municipality. August 5, 2015, Tommy was a client of Marcus’.

Marcus joined our team at Inkstone with the enthusiasm of ten interns. Within a week, he was at a full sprint and engaged in everything we threw his way. As the summer progressed, he continue to impress with his uncanny ability to meet and make connections from everyone he met. Additionally, Marcus tackled projects from multiple angles to find the best possible outcome, a strong skill in my book. I can recommend Marcus without hesitation for any project that requires though leadership, problem solving, team work and technical mastery. I’m hopeful that our paths cross again, he is a rising star.


Jeremy Norberg

is CEO & Founding Member of Assemble, Inc. December 1, 2014, Jeremy managed Marcus directly.

I had the privilege to recruit and work with Marcus in Washington D.C. at the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce. Marcus is a rare combination of talent and passion, as well as one of the friendliest individuals I have encountered. He truly loves what he does and it transfers into his labor of work, making the result superb. Marcus is driven and knowledgeable about digital media and entrepreneurship, and not only did he inspire me on a day-to-day basis with his energy and altruistic nature, but the entire office was positively influenced by both his personality and sought after skills. Thus, I can highly recommend Marcus and hope that I will get the opportunity to collaborate with him in the future. The sky is the limit for Marcus and I will follow his continued career with great interest.

Andreas Kauppi

was Business Developer Trainee at SACC-USA, March 11, 2013, Marcus worked with Andreas in the same group.

I was mentoring Marcus in service design methods, during his Master Thesis work in Uganda and Zambia. Marcus developed an app for entrepreneurship coaches. Marcus was a very ambitious apprentice who was not only a fast learner, he also developed the service design methods further as he applied them on the field. Marcus is a likable, innovative and hard working person that really get things done. Great entrepreneurial skills that will lead him to success in any field he chooses. I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to work with Marcus and hope that I will have the chance to work with him again in the future.


Susanna Nissar

was CEO and Co-Founder of Expedition Mondial. August 10, 2017, Susanna was Marcus’ mentor.

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