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Marcus Nygren

Hello there! I'm Marcus Nygren

Developer & Designer from Sweden 🎉

  • Now: frontend & UX dev - for hire in Sweden or remotely. Past: ex-Spotify/startups
  • Off the clock I enjoy friends, cooking, music, train travel, and playing games or volleyball
  • Speciality: frontend for Web, Apps and Games. M.Sc. Media Technology & Engineering
Data visualization

Selected assignments

Below I've listed some of the previous places where I've worked. For a more complete list + testimonials, see my LinkedIn.


CPO/CTO & Educator

Edvira · 2016-Present · Sweden (sometimes in the United States)

Impact edtech company focusing on teaching teachers code, with our methodology introducing more than 100 000 pupils to the new Swedish curriculum. Our own tools were built in the MERN stack by me as a solo developer. I also co-designed and co-developed edtech solutions with other edtech startups, e.g. “PlayIT”, the world’s first Internet of Things-powered playground for kids, partnering with KTH, Uppsala university, Ecorado and Linköping municipality. Since 2019 I'm a full-time consultant.

Skills: Svelte · React · Node · Express · mongoDB · CI/CD


Senior Frontend Developer

Norconsult Digital · 2022-2023 · Sweden (sometimes in Norway)

Built an improved version of a web app suite for dialogue between municipalities, entrepreneurs and citizens. Main contributor for the new citizen portal, which needed to be fast, AA WCAG 2.1-friendly, and combine lots of API:s in order to maximize automation. Later becoming frontend lead, I also coached others, improved our tooling, onboarded new colleagues, and co-built new features.

Skills: TypeScript · Svelte · HTML · TailwindCSS · C# .NET · Automated tests

Jenny Moche, CEO: " ...I can warmly recommend Marcus who besides being a skilled developer also delivers functionality that is perceived logical by the customer. He contributes more broadly than just as a developer, as he with his warm and inclusive personality makes others in the team perform at their peak and rises the mentality of the group. "


Frontend Developer & UX Designer

Telia · 2019-2022 · Sweden

Web-GIS application. I was involved all the way from proof of concept, to MVP, to iterating on 1.0. I specialized in developing features and map/UI design + programming, as well as user research and UX design. The tool quickly became increasingly appreciated by stakeholders and users, thanks to quick iterations, working together with our end-users, and meeting their business needs. I was also part of the group migrating our outdated GIS app from jQuery to React, and into the latest version of map library OpenLayers.

Skills: React · JavaScript · OpenLayers · D3.js · Java · System design

Henrik Thörn, Product Owner: " I can warmly recommend Marcus His collaboration ability is very high. [...] We stood firm for the high expectations that we had around deliveries and timetable. A clear sign that he takes responsibility and finds paths not only for his specific task but for the whole team's deliveries to be as good as possible. While working with Marcus I learned many things and I have daily use of methods and viewpoints that Marcus showed me when we worked together. "

Web Developer & UX Designer

Marcus Nygren AB · 2007-2017 · Sweden (sometimes in the United States)

I've always had a huge passion for media and the web. In high school, I started doing lots of HTML/WordPress sites and graphic design for small businesses. At university I took on even larger web, design & leadership projects, often joining existing teams. I worked full-time with clients like app engineering agency Assemble in Seattle, U.S., and e-commerce agency HyperLab in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Skills: React · iOS/Android · WordPress · HTML · CSS · PHP · mySQL · JavaScript


Project Leader

Spotify · 2012-2013 · Sweden

Project leader within the team dedicated to making Spotify the best place to be as an engineer. Led various internal projects within Technology, e.g. organized a 2-day techfest with international and internal speakers.

Skills: Leadership · Engineering culture · Organizational change

Sofia von Celsing, Project Manager: " Marcus is really one of a kind. He is very bright, courageous, positive, analytical and has a huge drive. He easily adapts to any situation. [...] He takes ownership of his tasks, spreads positive energy and constantly over-delivers which makes him a very trustworthy and appreciated team member. "


Digital Media & Web Developer

SACC-USA · 2012-2013 · United States

Assigned to single-handidly build a WordPress Multisite, featuring event management, e-magazine and a new theme. My work meant that the 17 chambers of commerce for the first time could share UI and admin tools, which led to a stronger brand and less work.

Skills: HTML/CSS · PHP · MySQL · WordPress


Web (12) Games (11) Teaching (8)

In need of a frontend/JavaScript consultant?

Welcome to contact me at if you think we could be a good fit.
Also, feel free to contact me if you have any other questions of course!