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Integrity Policy for ChatGPT Home Screen

ChatGPT Home Screen consists of a web view that embeds the official ChatGPT chat website. As such, it does not collect or store any personal information about our users beyond what is necessary for the functioning of the web view. The following is a list of data that may be collected by ChatGPT Home Screen and how it is used: Device information: It may collect device information such as the device model, operating system version, and language settings to improve the functionality and compatibility of the app. Usage data: It may collect anonymous usage data to help improve the app's performance and to identify and fix bugs. User preferences: It may collect user preferences related to the app's settings and configurations to enhance the user experience. It does not share any user data with third parties or use it for any purposes other than those outlined above. In addition to the above, it uses industry-standard security measures to protect its users' data and prevent unauthorized access or use. Please note that when users access the ChatGPT chat website through ChatGPT Home Screen, they will be subject to ChatGPT's own privacy policy, which may differ from this app. I encourage users to review ChatGPT's privacy policy before using the chat website. If you have any questions or concerns about this integrity policy, please contact me at